Why you are bored at work

#beingyou #career #findthejoyatwork Dec 15, 2021

I often get the question "Why are so many people bored at work? Is this really how working life should be?"

No, fortunately this is not how working life should be.

It is possible to find your way back to joy and the spark also in working life.

It's about brushing the dust off who you really are and seeing yourself through a pair of new glasses.

It's not necessarily about you being in the wrong job (although it can sometimes be part of the solution to actually change jobs.)

When you try to be like "everyone else" or be who you think is expected at work, you are doing yourself and the company a disservice.

It takes a lot of energy to hold back from being yourself. When you are not being yourself at work trying to fit in , it is easy to lose the joy and happiness. And it is difficult to see opportunities.  

We all have something unique about us.

Spend some time figuring out what gives you pleasure and explore your uniqueness.

Then maybe you also will experience that working life is a place where you can grow, flourish and have fun. 

Being you is the true gift you bring to work. 

Time to find your joy?