Are you addicted on certain emotions?

May 03, 2023

Did you know that we can become addicted on certain emotions?

If we have experienced the same emotions over time, our body can become so used to that emotion that it believes is to be "normal". It constantly tries to find and experience that emotion again and again - even if this emotion is negative and not doing any good. 

You may have experienced people who always seem a little grumpy, negative or irritable - almost like this has become part of their personality. This is a sign that the emotion have become stuck in their system - it has become the new norm.

Maybe you have experienced people who are always afraid of everything. It's like the fear has become part of the personality. The person has unconsciously become addicted to this emotion.

Or maybe you have experienced people who always seem positive and happy and this has become part of the personality. The same is true here.

Our body can become addicted to both positive and negative emotions.

It is important to remember that we need all the emotions - the whole spectrum.

Emotions gives us a lot of information for us to use. 

Negative emotions tell you that something is out of sync - there is resistance in your energy and something needs to be adjusted.

Positive emotions tell you that you're in flow. You are doing things that are good for you.

When our body has become accustomed to an emotion it can be difficult to let go - even if the emotion is negative.  

But it is fully possible with the right tools.

I love using EAM (Energy Alignment Method) and Tapping to release stuck emotions. They both work with your unconscious mind and your body. 

Let me know if you would like to hear more about these techniques or how I work.