I’m blown away! 

Thank you so much for asking the right questions to get me there in such a short amount of time. Since we chatted, I actually got four new sales. You're truly amazing!"

Angèle Cristina, Germany

Such a beautiful kind person to work with.

I love having Eilen as my mentor. She is so supportive in a kind and gentle manner making the sessions joyful and easy.

Treena. UK

Eilen was my mentor during a 3 month online course and so lovely to work with.

I felt listened to and gently guided when needed. We quickly built a mutual trust and respect which enabled wonderful transformations on my journey of personal growth. I would highly recommend Eilen to anyone who is looking to make positives steps forward in any areas their life.

Kate Emans, UK

I love her calming and peaceful energy, she is a beautiful soul and truly ‘unique’.

With her help and guidance I managed to clear some key past lives that were keeping me blocked from moving forward. I feel a lot more clarity in my vision for the future now. I am very grateful and blessed to have had the pleasure of having Eilen as my mentor as part of an epic journey og self-discovery and transformation. 

Stacey Carl, Kinesiology UK”

I had the good fortune and blessing to have Eilen as my mentor.  

As I worked through the programme, many times issues, conflicting emotions etc would present themselves to me. They were confusing and made little sense to me. With Eilen’s experience, guidance, gentle probing questions and unique style things would unfold and become apparent, like a light bulb moment. This would encourage me to explore further and find the root of the problem. This allowed me to resolve deeply embedded issues which were holding me back or blocking me from achieving my goals I truly enjoyed having Eilen as my mentor She is a wonderful gentle soul and inspirational lady I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as your guide, coach and mentor.

Shelley Quantrill, UK

It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you as my mentor.

Your kindness and always asking the right questions brought me every time a bit closer to finding out who I was, what I need and how to get there. Thank you, Eilen

Susanne H., Nurse, Germany

Without your guidance and insights, my experience would not have been the same  

I felt safe and nurtured in your presence. You are warm, kind, gentle and so good at holding space for the whole group. You exuded calmness, wisdom, compassion and understanding. 

Alexandra, Coach, UK