All challenges have this in common

#beingyou letting go personal development triggers May 02, 2023

In my 10 years as a coach I have experienced a clear thread in all the challenges and issues that my clients bring to the table.

These can be summed up in one sentence: I can not be myself with others, I need to hide part of who I am. 

The reasons and events that underlie this can vary a lot, but there is a longing to be able to be and express oneself more freely.

Underneath all the challenges is a feeling that it is not safe to show who you truly are.

Here are some examples that have come up in conversations just last week:

  • "My leaders do not support me. She makes me feel small"
  • "My husband doesn't listen to me, I do not feel he respects me anymore"
  • "My daughter isn't talking to me. No matter what I do, I am annoying her."
  • "I feel like everyone else is better or smarter than me at work"
  • "My friends seem to be perfect in everything they do. I don't really feel that I fit in."

These are 5 completely different situations, but the common thread is that it is not safe to be yourself or that you can offend others if you are yourself or express yourself freely. 

A thought like the above examples trigger an emotion that attracts other similar thoughts and emotions and we start seeing evidence again and again because we attract more of what we think and feel. This is often how a belief is created. 

Did you know that as many as 85% of our thoughts are worries that seldom happens? 

Maybe it's time to release some old beliefs about yourself and others and release some old emotions that are holding you back?

I promise you, it's worth it. 

You deserve being YOU.

You being you is the greatest gift you can give the people around you.