Why you should have a gratitude list

Nov 30, 2021

I often give my coaching clients the task of making a list of everything they are grateful for.

This exercise may seem a bit too simple at first, but it can really create big changes.

We attract that what we put our focus on.

It is as if we only see what matches what we think and feel the most.

In other words, if your focus is on all that is not good, then our brain and subconscious mind will tune in to this track and find more of what is not good.

But, if have start the practice of writing a gratitude lists, you train your brain and subconscious mind to notice even more of what you are grateful for.

It's like wearing glasses where only what fits your focus gets through.

If you want to experience more joy and lightness in your everyday life, the focus on gratitude is really recommended.

A tip is to have a book of gratitude that you write a minimum of 3-5 things every day for 4 weeks.

Are you up for the challenge?