Personal analysis of your Human Design

In this exciting 90 min workshop, you get a review of your Human Design - which is completely unique to you.

Time to really get to know yourself?

Sometimes we can lose ourselves in life. Often it is because we have made too many choices based on what we think is "right to do" instead of what is aligned with who you really are.

Human Design gives a great footprint of who we are and can help us navigate life to live more authentically.

Everyone has their own unique Human Design.

During these 90 minutes you will learn:

  • Your personality type and your character traits
  • How to make good decisions that are more aligned with you
  • How to get and keep your energy high

You will also get access to a introductory course about the basic in Human Design

Practical information:

  • This personal analysis takes 90 min
  • We meet online via Zoom (you will receive a link after registration)
  • You get a recording
  • I will need you to send me the time, place and date of your birth when you register.

Welcome to an exciting workshop to get to know yourself 

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About me, Eilen Klev

I have several exciting therapy and coaching certifications and Human Design has fascinated me with deeper knowledge about ourselves and our purpose in life. 

For me Human Design is a great tool for helping my clients find their authentic voice, their uniqueness and their reason for being. 

Remember, you have an important and unique voice that the world needs to hear.