Rediscover who you truly are. 

Welcome to a personal analysis of your unique Human Design. 

In this 2 hours workshop, we will explore your abilities, gifts, opportunities and uniqueness. You will get to know your unique foundation in Human Design. 

Time to really get to know yourself?

Are you too much in your head? Do you lack energy or miss your spark? Do you feel a bit disconnected from your gifts and talents?

If you are driven by conditioning instead of who you truly are you create a life of push, struggle and lack.  

Human Design help us rediscover who we truly are so we can start to release ourself from the patterns of push, struggle and lack. 

Your Human Design chart is like a treasure chest. It reminds us of our wonderful gifts, abilities and opportunities. It can really ignite your spark. 

Everyone has their own unique Human Design chart.

Welcome to a beautiful journey to rediscover who you truly are. 

During these 2 hours you will learn: 

  • ๏€ŒYour foundation of gifts, talents, flow and abilities in Human design (Type, authority, profile and important conundrums)
  • ๏€ŒHow to make good decisions that are more aligned with you
  • ๏€ŒHow to get more flow, energy and joy in life

Practical information:

  • ๏€ŒThis personal analysis takes approximately 2 hours
  • ๏€ŒWe meet online by Zoom (you will receive a link after registration)
  • ๏€ŒYou willget a recording of the session
  • ๏€Œ You need you to send me your date of birth, place and time of your birth when you register.
  • ๏€ŒI will need 3-4 days to analyse your chart and prepare for the workshop

Welcome to the beautiful journey of rediscovering who you truly are. Are you ready?

Yes, please!

About me, Eilen Klev

Over the past 12 years I've helped my clients ignite the spark - whether it's in their careers, relationships or in life in general.

At the heart of most problems in life is the relationship you have with yourself. This is where you need to start.

When you live in line with who you truly are, only then can you create an inspiring and good life.

The first step is to get to know your unique Human Design.

I am certified in both Human Design (Level 1-3) and Quantum Human Design (Level 1-4) and love this amazing tool.

Are you ready to exploreย who you truly are and to align with your true purpose on life. Today is a good day to start!