Being You - Signature Program

Welcome to an exciting journey with your subconscious mind to find the core of your challenges and let go of everything preventing  the beautiful and unique you from shining your light. 

Here are some of the things you will learn during these wonderful  6 months

Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

  • EAM is an internationally recognized form of therapy based on recent research in neuroscience, "energy medicine", "Law of attraction" and traditional Chinese medicine.
  • It includes elements from kinesiology, NLP, positive psychology and the spiritual principles of the East.
  • You will learn how to let go of negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions as well as negative patterns that are limiting your potential. 

Human Design

  • Human Design is a system that mixes Eastern wisdom and Western science and is an excellent tool for reflection and insight to who you are.  
  • You will discover your personal "Human Design" that is unique to you.
  • Here you will learn what gives you energy and what drains you from energy.

You will learn how to change negativity and self-sabotage

  • Discover what is holding you back from being the real and beautiful YOU. 
  • Discover and let go of generational beliefs and patterns. 
  • Discovering and letting go of negative pattern of behavior. 

You will learn to change emotions that is standing in your way

  • Discover the emotions and feelings that unconsciously are holding you back
  • Re-discover your body and how to communicate with your intuition

You will learn how to work on your energy and intuition

  • Learn how to make you body and mind more aligned
  • Learn how to create alignment with your consciousness and subconscious mind

Some practical information:

  • All meetings will be online by zoom.  

Being You. Signature Program includes the following:

Introduction to EAM, 

  • Introduction to Human Design. 
  • Human Design LIVE Workshop (90 min): A personal reading of your unique Human Design  Chart 
  • LIVE deep work VIP day on zoom (3-4 hours)
  • 6 months of weekly coaching / mentoring 
  • Individual exercises in between sessions
  • 15 min SOS calls on Zoom when needed

Your investments:  6.150 Euro

It is possibility to divide the payment in 3 installments. 

About me, Eilen Klev

I am a certified mentor in the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) which will be the main tool for Being You. Signature program. In addition, I have many exciting therapy and coaching certifications that are at the bottom and that I use when needed.

I have worked to help clients find their authentic voice, find their uniqueness and create a career that allows you to use more of the potential and who you are.

My philosophy is that we all have an important and unique "voice" that the world needs.

Are you ready to find yours?

This course is not for everyone.

Do you want to have a chat to see if this program is the right one for you?

I would love to speak to you so please find a free time below or contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

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