Imagine a day where You are in focus

Imagine a "spring cleaning" of thoughts, emotions and patterns holding you back. Imagine exploring your dreams and opportunities. Imagine a day finding your uniqueness and true identity. 

Welcome to a day of exploring You.  

Sometimes in life it might feel like we have lost ourselves. Maybe we have made too many choices based on what we think was "right to do" and forgot to take into account our own wishes and dreams.

Now it is time to reclaim your true and authentic self and clear the things that is holding you back

This V.I.P. day is especially for you if you are:

  • Ready to reclaim your true and authentic self
  •  Ready to clear resistance holding you back
  • Ready to explore and release negative emotions and beliefs that are hiding your true identity
  • Curious to explore your intuition and listening to your inner voice

This V.I P day gives a great boost of energy, self-esteem and trust in yourself. 

This V.I.P day is adapted to you and your needs. Here is something we often explore:

  • We often start the day off by doing a brainstorming to explore challenges and opportunities
  • We clear negative thoughts and beliefs that stand in your way
  • We let go of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you
  • We turn negative emotions into more constructive and good emotions
  • We align yourself with your dreams and purpose

Practical information:

  • Price for V.I.P. day is EUR 999 (It is possible to divide the payment into installments)
  • We meet online by zoom
  • The day will be about 3-4 hours

Is this for you?

Book a free chat in the link below, and together we can explore if a V.I.P. day is the right thing for you. 

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About Me

I have several exciting therapy and coaching certifications that I use according to what you need. These V.I.P days are 100% tailored to you and your needs.

I have worked to help my clients find their authentic voice, find their uniqueness and clear away what stands in the way of thoughts, feelings and negative patterns.

You have an important and unique voice that the world needs. Is it time to find and strengthen yours?