€470,00 EUR

Rediscover who you truly are.

Welcome to a Human Design Foundation Reading

During these 2 hours of personal analysis we will explore: 

  • Your foundation of gifts, talents, flow and abilities in Human design (Type, authority, profile and important conundrums)
  • How to make good decisions that are more aligned with you
  • How to get more flow, energy and joy back in your life

Practical information: 

  • We meet online by Zoom (you will receive a link after registration)
  • You will get a recording of the session
  • You need you to send me your date of birth, place and exact time of your birth. 
  • Please allow for 3-4 workingdays to analyse your chart and prepare for the workshop after I have received your birth information. 
  • After you have purchased the workshop, I will send you some suggestions for the time and date for our workshop. 

NB! Please send me an e-mail to [email protected] with your date of birth, place and exact time of birth.